Phillip Kayrouz

Phillip, is our on-site provisional psychologist at Forbes, who is fluent in both Arabic and English. Phillip's background in a large family of 11, with his father being an apple farmer and migrant to Australia, has shaped his deep understanding of individuals and their unique experiences. He specializes in trauma-based interventions, psychoeducation, empathetic listening, and self-esteem building. Phillip approaches healing with sensitivity and patience, helping you explore your thoughts and emotions, develop coping strategies, and engage in open conversations with confidence. Your privacy is his top concern. Phillip provides comprehensive support for couples, families, and individuals. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, with Honours in Psychological Science, and a Masters in Professional Psychology. In addition, Phillip is certified in Gestalt psychotherapy, complex trauma, Existential therapy, Narrative therapy, and Solution-Focused modalities, allowing him to offer a diverse and evidence-based approach to his practice. #MentalHealthSupport