Separated Parents Policy

Breakup of marriage and parenting relationships is common. At PsychSolutions Health and Wellbeing, our priority is the wellbeing of the children and young people we see. In some cases, conflict and communication breakdown within families can hamper collaboration with health care
providers and impact treatment outcomes for the child. The purpose of this policy is to outline PsychSolutions Health and Wellbeing’s philosophy to our families to ensure that the best interest of
our clients are always prioritized.

PsychSolutions Health & Wellbeing expects that our separated parents/guardians work together respectfully and cooperatively, regarding the care of their child. Decisions regarding a child’s medical treatment should be made jointly by both parents wherever possible.

It is the parents’/ guardians accountability to provide PsychSolutions a copy of any relevant legal documents or court orders.

Either parent or legal guardian can:

  • Schedule an appointment
  • Be present at their child’s appointment
  • And/or be sent a copy of any reports completed at PsychSolutions Health & Wellbeing

Exceptions to the above:

  • There is a court order restricting a parent / guardians involvement in their child’s care. If this is the case, you must provide these court orders at your first visit to PsychSolutions Health & Wellbeing.
  • The child has requested to attend subsequent sessions without a parent/guardian present, and this is agreed to by the treating professional.


  • Reminder text messages will be sent to the mobile number of the primary contact only.
  • If the appointment is made by one parent/guardian, it is the responsibility of this parent/guardian to inform the other parent/guardian, invite them to attend and provide
  • Any reports a PsychSolutions clinician has completed will be sent to the parent/guardian that attends the appointment. It is the responsibility of that parent/guardian to forward to the other parent. We do not have the capacity to provide separate feedback to each parent.
  • If the custodial parent/guardian that does NOT bring the child to appointments would like information about their child’s progress, they can schedule a telephone or face to face consultation with the treating Clinician, which will be charged to that parent/guardian at the
    Clinician’s usual rate.


  • As per our payment policy, payment is to be made on the day of your child’s appointment. If there is a legal agreement that requires the other parent/guardian to pay all or part of the treatment costs, it is the attending parent’s/guardian responsibility to settle the account and collect reimbursement from the other parent.

Legal Matter

Please inform us if there are any legal processes pending. Please note the reason for engagement with PsychSolutions Health & Wellbeing is to provide treatment with your child.

PsychSolutions Health & Wellbeing does not provide reports for court, we also do not accept referrals where the purpose is to inform custody decisions.

PsychSolutions Health & Wellbeing will always try our best to accommodate all family circumstances. Please help us to provide the best care for your child by providing all the relevant information regarding your family situation at your first appointment.