How to Use Health Direct

Thank you for booking an Online Telehealth Consultation.
Instead of us meeting in person, we will meet virtually using Health Direct Telehealth.

These are the steps you need to put in place to ensure our session runs smoothly:

  1. You will need a PC or device with high-speed internet connection and adequate data coverage, high quality web cam and a good speaker/microphone combination. Please test your video and audio connection.
  2. You will need to secure a place at your home/workplace that is free from interference and is private so that confidentiality of our session is maintained.
    We will conduct the Telehealth conferences from our offices or clinicians home offices, which are secure and confidential.
    If there is an unexpected problem with the technology or internet coverage, your clinician will call your mobile from a private number to continue the session. The caller ID may appear as “No Caller ID”.

How to connect for your session

To join the meeting, visit
At the time of your session, please join the online waiting room and your clinician will link you in. If there is a problem with our connection, I will call your mobile.

The same Telehealth link apply for each of your sessions.

Tips for gaining the most benefit from your consultation

✓ The session will be 50 minutes’ duration.
✓ Make sure you are comfortable and have a cup of tea, a glass of water or tissues if you need
✓ Please dress appropriately as if you were attending a face-to-face appointment.
✓ If you have children, are they occupied and supervised?
✓ Ensure your PC or device is fully charged and have your mobile phone with you in case I need to contact you.

Privacy note: Your personal information is protected by law, including the Privacy Act 1988, however some information is required to process your invoice. For further information, please visit the Services Australia website.