Fees and funded programs

Medicare Rebates are available when your doctor has completed a referral called a Mental Health Care Plan or Enhanced Primary Care Plan. This means that you can access a significant rebate for a certain number of consultations through Medicare per year.

Private Health Care Rebates may apply for those with private health insurance.

Agencies may pay for treatment for those eligible under the Workers Compensation Scheme, Better Start Initiative, a Third Party Insurance Scheme, the Victims of Crime Tribunal, Helping Children with Autism Initiative – FACHSIA, the Department of Veterans Affairs, Carer’s NSW or an Employee Assistance Program offered by some employers.

Initial Consultation Booking Fee

$100 (the remainder of your consultation fee will be deducted on the day of appointment)

Consultations: 50 minutes

$244 to $288 (mostly rebatable through Medicare with a Mental Health Care Plan referral).

NDIS – Self Managed


NDIS – Plan/Agency Managed


Psychiatrists Fees available upon request.
Fees for report writing, attendance at school/other agency meetings, and home consultation are also available on request.

On Request

Fees for Educational Assessments vary and are available on request.

On Request

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