In a relaxed atmosphere of privacy, our clients report they feel comfortable to discuss important issues of their personal, family and working lives. Confidentiality is ensured by our professional code of ethics.

Psychological Assessment 

Psychological Assessment means paying attention to your history, current functioning and symptoms. You may be asked to complete psychometric measures which may include questionnaires and tests to help identify the pattern of problems. The best course of treatment will then be determined with your input.

How many sessions will I need?
The amount of sessions will vary depending on your situation, however on average a client will visit a psychologist for 6 -12 sessions. Some people engage in longer term treatment to resolve long standing issues. This is always your decision and is based on whether you are getting a benefit.
Consultancy is provided to organisations such as rehabilitation providers, insurance companies, schools, government agencies and private employers. This may include preparation of medico-legal reports, workplace rehabilitation programs and behaviour support programs. Programs are designed for the particular needs of an individual or organisation.
What can I expect at my first appointment?
At your initial appointment your Psychologist will discuss your concerns and conduct a comprehensive initial assessment. Your psychologist will also talk to you about your goals and the relevant counselling treatments that can be applied to your situation for the most effective outcome. A plan may be made for future sessions including regular reviews and evaluations of progress.

Depending on your situation, your psychologist may also discuss some techniques and strategies that can be applied immediately to assist in dealing with any challenges you may be facing. In this first session, you can feel comfortable raising any questions or concerns you may have. Your initial session and all subsequent sessions will be just under one hour in duration.

The team at Psychological Solutions aim to make attending our service as easy as possible. We offer flexible appointments and are available some evenings and on Saturdays for those that have difficulty attending during normal business hours.
Reports can also be provided for a variety of reasons i.e. school funding, Victims Compensation, Medico Legal reports or to determine school readiness.